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Bringing the Light - Documentary

This documentary, set in Nepal, will inspire you, move you and show you that sustainable social change is possible, and incredible.

Topics: seven women,  bringing the light


History of the Rotary Foundation

Learn about the people and events that have made our Foundation a powerful force for good.


 Brighton Grammar v Firbank Annual Debate

The Brighton Grammar v Firbank annual debate is always a fascinating event as we marvel at the poise of the young debaters. The debate is always interesting and closely fought and is great experience for the young debaters.


Date From : Wed Oct 5, 2016 : 18:00
Date To : Wed Oct 5, 2016 : 20:00


Rotarian Action Group against Child Slavery

We have to raise the awareness of child slavery in the world, the "Rotarians Against Child Slavery" Newsletter is a good place for you to start

Topics: child slavery


Resources for Youth Suicide Awareness

The facts on youth suicide in our Victorian community are a concern to all and Rotary is working for change to keep our youth safe.

Topics: youth suicide prevention,  youth mental health,  rotary youth


Rotary Foundation - Every Rotarian Every year

For less than a coffee a week we can become a "Every Rotarian Every Year"

Topics: every rotarian every year,  brighton north,  rotary foundation


Weekly Dinners

Club Directors' Reports

Date: Wednesday Dec 7, 2016, 6:00 pm

Tonight we will hear from our Club's Directors as to what we have achieved to date this Rotary year and what lies ahead for the balance of the year.

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Christmas Party

Date: Wednesday Dec 14, 2016, 6:00 pm

Tonight is the club Christmas Party with carol singing, turkey and ham as well as gifts for the underprivileged children.

A night for all the club and partners.

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