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Camp Getaway Hands-on Weekend


From: Friday April 13, 2018, 5:00 pm

To: Sunday April 15, 2018, 5:00 pm

Friday 13th - Sunday 15th April 2018 (or whatever time you have available)

We have a long list of jobs so we need all the help we can get - please see if you can spend some time helping out

We need your confirmation no later than 06April18


  1. Collect assorted piles of timber from around the property, and stack it at the wood shed. Camp trailer can be used for this, gloves advised.
  2. Using the log splitter, split the logs from recently fallen limbs and wood deliveries, and stack timber beside the wood shed. The hydraulic splitter requires 3 to 4 people, camp trailer available if required.
  3. Deep clean the units, clean gutters, marks on walls, window ledges, remove dead wasp nests, clean bed frames etc.
  4. Re-strain / fix the fence around the oval. Broken in numerous places. Restraining tools required.
  5. Repaint the lines on the tennis courts, repaint the basketball backing boards, and restrain the tennis nets, and remove leaf litter.
  6. Screw bed slats into the frame – this will be a substantial job, and requires extra drills, suitable bits, and 40mm self-drilling screws. There are 12 wooden slats per bed to be screwed into metal.
  7. Remove all protective sleeving off play equipment under shade sail, and spray the frame with a gal paint, or a gal primer and enamel top coat.
  8. Clean the windows and walls in the hall and dining room.
  9. Spray weeds in garden beds, and mini-golf course. Long pants and sleeves required, PPE is at the camp, along with spray equipment and glyphosphate.



Camp Getaway

161 Axedale - Kimbolton Road, Axedale VIC 3551

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