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Visit from The School of St Jude's

The School of St Jude's - Wednesday 1 March Brighton North Rotary Club


The link to book is Rotary The School of St Judes Presentation


Gemma is an accomplished speaker with 14 years experience sharing the inspirational St Jude’s story around the world, from the International Rotary Convention to the TEDx stage. She has inspired people both young and old with her innovative approach to fighting poverty through education and today is changing the lives of approximately 1800 students and more than 280 Tanzanian staff members and their families.

Winrose is one of the students whose life changed forever when she received a St Jude’s scholarship. After excelling at one of Tanzania’s severely under-resourced government schools, Winrose joined St Jude’s and went on to graduate with the highest possible result. She is currently volunteering in our Marketing Team as part of the Community Service Program and in the future hopes to become an engineer.

Gemma will speak about how she established The School of St Jude in Arusha, Tanzania. She will explain how a high-quality education is out of reach for most Tanzanian children and the reality of life without an education in East Africa. The School of St Jude is a pioneering leader in East African charitable education that in 15 years has grown from one teacher and three students to provide approximately 1800 students with a free high-quality education.

Gemma will speak about how St Jude’s is achieving its mission of producing future leaders and making an impact beyond the school gates.

Winrose embodies the sense of empowerment the school works towards and will speak about how The School of St Jude changed her life. You will hear about the heartbreaking conditions at Tanzanian public schools, the profound effect joining St Jude’s has had on Winrose and her family, and how she wants to effect change in Tanzania. Winrose will talk about why she wants to become an engineer and how St Jude’s is helping her achieve this once unimaginable goal. Winrose is truly inspiring and we’re sure you and your guests will be captivated by her story.

During the speech Gemma and Winrose will outline how individuals can support St Jude’s and its mission of fighting poverty through education in one of the world’s poorest countries.


This meeting will be popular not only within our club but other club's are keen to join us.

Please book through Trybooking before the end of January. After that bookings open to other clubs and the public.

The link to book is Rotary The School of St Judes Presentation




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