Brighton Primary School

Reading Program

For many years Brighton North Rotary has been supporting students at the Brighton Primary School with members doing one-on-one reading with selected students. 

The Rotarians read books and form relationships with the students making a huge difference.  Children with difficulties processing visual, auditory or hearing, autism or non-speaking English students have improved significantly. Some children have been engaged for 2 or 3 years resulting in more confidence.  

Story Dogs

For several years we have also supported the Story Dogs program at the School.  Story Dogs is a literacy program involving well trained dogs visiting the school to assist children who are shy about reading.  Find out more at:

Because of Covid-19 the reading program is now not possible, and students are learning from home and can no longer borrow from local or school libraries.  Brighton North Rotary has helped Brighton Primary School by providing $1200 to provide subscriptions to online books for students selected by the School.

Four Way Test essay contest

Rotary’s Four Way Test asks the questions:  Is it the truth?; Is it fair to all concerned?; Will it build goodwill and better friendships?; And will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Each year Brighton Primary School students take part in a Four Way Test essay contest and how it applies to their school life. The teachers select 3 or 4 students who read their essays to the Club at one of our meetings.  They receive a certificate and gift card to a Brighton book store.

Career Days

We also host career days at Brighton Primary School and Brighton Grammar every second year.  Rotarians speak to the students about their career/vocation.