BusyFeet Bayside celebrated Children's Week with a Disco Dance party at AM Dance Company's studio. We were joined by a student from Stonnington BusyFeet and parents and families of the students.

Everyone had a wonderful time catching up with Maxine, dancing to our favourite songs and performing to Bruno Mar's 'Up Town Funk' with Karen our new dance teacher!

The afternoon finished with great party food prepared by Linn.

Thank you to all who participated, it gave us pleasure to see the students having fun together!


Brighton North Rotary has been a long-term facilitator and sponsor of BusyFeet Bayside, a weekly dance and movement activity for children with special needs aged 6 to 16.  

BusyFeet is conducted in a fun, safe environment at the Castlefield Community Centre, Hampton during school terms.   

In 2018 Brighton North Rotary were successful in an application for a Bayside City Council ‘Inclusive Bayside Partnership Program’ Grant of $2630 for the running of BusyFeet. These funds covered the Castlefield Community Centre rent, teachers travel allowance, promotion, and purchase of equipment.  In 2019 we received a grant of $5000 from Freemasons Victoria which enables BusyFeet to continue for another two years to June 2021.  The grant was presented to Brighton North Rotary BusyFeet Bayside's coordinator, Lyn Mortimer, by former member and Freemason Garry Bradd.

If you have a child who may benefit from the program, contact Lyn Mortimer, mobile: 0407 140 549 or email busyfeet@northbrightonrotary.org.au.

Find out more at http://www.busyfeet.org.au/