Brighton North joins Bayside Business Network

The Bayside Business Network (BBN) is an active group of business professionals who meet regularly to develop excellence in business, innovation and entrepreneurship. BBN was created & subsidised by the Bayside City Council.

BBN provides a professionally delivered annual program of 3 business breakfasts, 3 women’s lunches, monthly seminars and network nights that all build awareness and discussion of current business issues and provide networking opportunities with like-minded business people.

The BBN website provides an excellent overview of their activities, their Member Directory is very impressive.

Brighton North Rotary is working towards deepening our relationships and contacts with local businesses and believe joining the BBN will certainly facilitate this objective.

With Rotary advertising banners, marketing material and an active Brighton North Member involvement the local business community, business owners and their families and friends will be become more aware of Rotary and in particular Brighton North.

This initiative will promote Brighton North’s local community and humanitarian projects, encourage BBN members to learn more about Rotary and potentially attract BBN members as sponsors or providing resources to support our community work.

The first project we aim to promote is to introduce our ‘Vocational Excellence Award’ to this group in September & October (Breakfast & Women’s Luncheon resp.). This annual award recognises successful business people who also contribute their valuable time to support their local community.


Jeff Taylor (Marketing Team June 2015)

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