Interested in volunteering with St Kilda Mums ?

St Kilda Mums has provided service to over 20,000 babies and children across Victoria. 20,403 to be exact. 

This is, of course, bittersweet. It means that the number of families who need our help is growing, and there are many more who need help.  There are currently 198,600 children under 15 living beneath the poverty line in Victoria. That's more than 1 in 6. In addition to financial hardship, there are many other types of crisis and disadvantage that affect families across the state. 

It's impossible to count all the ways you help. But here are a few: 

  • Through the power of volunteering - you give your time to us in so many ways. Whether it's your regular shift at Winterton Road, as a volunteer in our IT team, accepting donations into your own home, volunteering with your workplace team, or through the million other ways you support us with the precious gift of your time! We love seeing each and every one of you and we are always happy to welcome new volunteers into our family.  

  • Donating your cot, pram, car seat, children's clothing, books and so much more, which means we can offer 66 different items of essential nursery equipment, clothing and linen bags, books and toys to families in crisis. 

  • Pro bono support from businesses who generously donate their services, equipment and expertise so that we can save on costs and benefit from the brilliant minds and capacity of others!  

  • The lovingly knitted handmade blankets that ensure a family knows there's a community ready to wrap their child up in love. 

Last year, 98% of the items provided to families were donated by families wanting to help other families, and businesses with stock they know will make a difference. 

When many people have boxes and shelves full of items no longer need for our children, there is no reason why vulnerable families need go without. And at the same time, people who donate goods are making such an important contribution to protecting our planet.

Last year, 59,463 items of nursery equipment and children's clothing were provided to families in need. Only 2% of those items needed to be purchased when stocks ran low. 

The second-hand (and therefore, very conservative!) value of those 59,463 items was $7,380,851. This service is provided free of charge, which represents a huge cost saving to government and the welfare agencies, maternal health centres and hospitals we support. 

Interested in volunteering at St Kilda Mums !  contact Anne Cobham

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