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Brighton North is a Peace Club

Dear Rotary Club of Brighton North,


Thank you for your participation in one of the fastest-growing movements within Rotary International-- Peace. Your Peacebuilder Club is an essential participant in Rotary’s Peace Area of Focus, as you engage in peace projects and initiatives that create infrastructures for peace within your local communities. 


Our Peacebuilder Club program is a great success. We began this initiative to register Peacebuilder Clubs in Fall 2018 with only 21 original clubs. Thanks to you, we have quickly grown to over 200 registered RAGFP Peacebuilder Clubs worldwide. Check out our RAGFP Peacebuilder Club Map to view the global network of Peacebuilders. 


Attached to this email is your official electronic RAGFP Peacebuilder Club certificate. Print it out and hang it wherever your Peacebuilder Club meets.


All RAGFP Peacebuilder Clubs assemble peace committees who meet regularly to discuss how their Rotary Club can engage in peace projects that build and sustain positive peace. RAGFP tells your stories in our monthly newsletters and throughout social media. Your peace projects significantly impact the advancement of peace. RAGFP is honored to elevate your peace work to inspire other peacebuilders. 


Here are the ways RAGFP Global network of Peacebuilder Clubs can activate peacebuilding together: 


  1. Join the Rotary Action Group for Peace

If you haven’t already, become a member of the RAGFP. Members get exclusive access to the RAGFP’s educational resources, the peacebuilder network, project promotional outlets, and project consultation. Members of the RAGFP obtain the tools and support to create the most effective and sustainable peace projects worldwide.

  1. Join the Global Peacebuilder Club Network Facebook group

We are inviting all Peace Committee chairs to our private Global Peacebuilder Club 

Network Facebook group. This group is to help facilitate and enhance the collaboration,

engagement, and community between Peacebuilder Clubs around the world. We want 

three representatives from every Peacebuilder Club to be apart this Facebook group to 

ensure equal representation of all clubs, no matter the size. Send an email to 

contact@rotariansforpeace with the emails of your 3 Peace committee members to invite to the group.

  1. Get informed on the latest Peace education

Make sure you review and subscribe to RAGFP monthly newsletter where you can stay 

up-to-date on the latest news regarding Peacebuilder Club projects and other global 

Rotary Peace initiatives. Take a look at our Peacebuilder Club Primer to get inspired for 

your next Peace Project. 

  1. Start a Peace Project

Combined with your passion for peace, the peacebuilder network, RAGFP 

educational peace resources, and your Club’s Peace Committee, it’s time to launch your 

next Peace Project. Don’t know where to start? Read our newsletter, join the Global Peacebuilder Club Network Facebook group, and check out our Peace Projects page for inspiration. For project consultation, email RAGFP at for assistance with project strategy, promotion, and grants proposals.

  1. Apply for a Global Grant

Have a big idea for your Peacebuilder Club’s next Peace Project? Apply for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant. Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, and Districts that wish to pursue peace projects may apply for Global Grants in the RI area of Focus category of Peace, Conflict Prevention, and Resolution. These grants can range between $15,000 to $100,000 depending on the project. Learn more about Global Grants on our website and be sure to contact the RAGFP for a grant consultation. 

  1. Share your Peace Project on the RAGFP website. 

RAGFP Members can post their Peacebuilder Club projects on our website’s Peace 

Projects page. Check out our Peace Projects page regularly to see what Peace projects

RAGFP members are completing around the world. You can also post your Peace Project to fellow Peacebulder clubs on our Facebook Group. 

  1. Engage with Rotary Peace Fellows

Utilize our Peace Directory to connect with Rotary Peace Fellows. Invite them to speak 

at your next Rotary Club meeting to learn about their work in the field of Peace.


These 7 actions are just the first steps to creating an active, effective peacebuilder club. Together with your Peacebuilder Club network and RAGFP, we can establish a sustainable positive peace ecosystem the world needs. 


Thank you for joining this exciting network of global peacebuilders. Together we will grow effective and sustainable projects worldwide to enhance Peace. 


Donate to the Rotarian Action Group for Peace

The RAGFP works with members like you to Wage Peace worldwide. As the fastest growing network in Rotary, support the RAGFP’s momentum by investing in your peace network. You can sustain our mission with just a $100 donation from your Peacebuilder Club. If every Peacebuilder Club donated just $100 to the RAGFP, we would have nearly $20,000 to support the growth of our network to provide high quality education, promotion, and support for Peacebuilding worldwide. An investment to the RAGFP is an investment to your global Peacebuilder Club network. RAGFP webinars, workbooks, educational resources, peace outreach, public events, and everyday operations would not be possible without your charitable donations. Support the RAGFP’s efforts to engage, educate, and empower peacebuilders and communities around the globe by donating to the RAGFP today. 

This year, all donations to the RAGFP will be matched by our sponsor, the Family Jubitz Foundation up to $50,000. Imagine, a $50 donation instantly becomes $100. A $250 gift becomes $500. Help us double our growth by donating during the RAGFP’s matching fundraiser today. 


If you have any questions regarding Peacebuilder Club certificates, the Facebook Group, project consultation, or anything else Peacebuilder Club or RAGFP related, please email


Thank you for joining this exciting network of global peacebuilders. Together we will grow effective and sustainable projects worldwide to enhance Peace. 



The Rotary Action Group for Peace Team


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