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Off to a Good Start with a New Member

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Meeting 8July15

Guests: Kathy Murray , Barb Wheatley, Margie Desmyth (RCBB) and Clive Hardeman.


Sue & Kate met Kay & Burton our major sponsors. They will support us this Rotary year and beyond and be a major presence at our Charity Golf Day, plus supporting the new fund-raiser – a men’s & ladies Fashion Parade on 9th October. So diarise please.

Welcome to our new Member

Sue inducted Geoff Magrin. Geoff is the Principle Scientist in the Haematology Dept., at The Alfred. His Rotary classification will be ‘Medical Science’. David will be his mentor and Geoff will join the Youth Committee. Geoff looks forward to making a great contribution to Brighton North Rotary’s activities.  Geoff’s ex-wife donated furniture to the Club which, through eBay, has raised $1200. Thank you Geoff.

Secretary - Glennie

We have received thank you letters from the charities we donated to: Berry Street, University of Melbourne of behalf of the ‘Robbie Mitchell Foundation’ and Violence Free Families.

Community & Youth Project -

A working bee at Camp Getaway on 10-12th July will primarily focus on building a new concrete path to the Recreation room. This will make this room more easily accessed by people using wheelchairs. 15 members/partners will be toiling on this and other ‘maintenance’ work, recovering via the nearby Axedale Hotel!

Our new project – Busy Feet goes into its next semester with Robyn, Alison & Lyn joining Mia early in the term while Rosalie is overseas. This initiative brings great joy to disabled children & their families.

Social Club - Jim

‘Guess Who is Coming to Dinner’ is on the 8th August. The theme will be ‘Op-Shop Chic’. All attending must purchase & wear an article purchased from an Op Shop such as Family Life in Cheltenham or Highett. This will be fun and helping the Op Shop at the same time.

We have 4 host homes and need 1 more.

Fund Raising – Richard

Our Trivia Night on Saturday 18th July is fast approaching and more guests will boost the fun and finances. So ask around. More auction items are still required to give bidders plenty of choice to spend their $’s on. Have you found a worthy prize giver?

Marketing – Mort

eCommunications – the results of the survey, in which 62% of members responded, have been analysed and key findings will be presented to the members shortly.

Membership – Peter H

Thanked Mia for ‘finding’ Manuel Fernandez as a potential member who will be coming as a visitor in near future.

Youth - David

On 29/7 Brighton North will be sizzling & cooking at the Bayside City Council’s – ‘Anti Bullying’ seminar they are running at the Brighton Town Hall.

Fact of The Week – Peter the Paperman

1985 was THE year when: Live Aid raised $xxx, the Dow Jones was 1500, when Playboy stapled its centrefold!, Australia replaced’ God Save The Queen’ with ‘Advance Australia Fare’, Hong Kong went Chinese, etc, etc.

Rotary started ‘Polio Plus’. Built on a 6 year & US$750,000 trial in The Philippines.

Since then Rotary has contributed more than $1.3 billion and countless volunteer hours to immunize more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries. In addition, Rotary’s advocacy efforts influenced donor governments to contribute more than $9 billion to the effort. Only 3 countries have not allowed eradication to proceed.

Police Mentor Program – Ian

  • Acting Inspector Charmaine Hosking will be the Club’s Police mentoree for 2015/16
  • The program created by RC Central Melbourne Sunrise aims to link senior Victorian police officers, Inspectors & Sergeants, to the community and business by providing mentors from the business sector and Rotary for a year.
  • Officers are invited to apply and 16 are accepted into the program.

Almoner - Robyn

Chris is going back home on Monday. He would love to see you before he leaves Bethlehem.

Rotary Conference in Bendigo next year – quality accommodation is fast running out or has run out. Book now or travel further later!

Condolences for Maureen, Gerry & family with the passing of Maureen’s brother.

Margie – RC Brighton Beach

Promoting a fund raising night to raise much needed money for projects in Uganda.

Margie is travelling to Uganda in September with as much money as possible – just like Don in Tibet. The film is ‘Mr Holmes’ at The Dendy on Friday 24July and cost is $20.

Guest Speaker – Phil W

One can appreciate why Phil has earned a PHF, PHF Sapphire and 2 PHF Ruby’s after hearing his story about ‘Operation Newstart’ (together with his total commitment to youth suicide prevention for over 20 years)

Operation Newstart

Phil commits 2 days a week to this organisation who core mission is to: ‘Create transformative opportunities for young people who experience major academic disruption and who have severe histories of trauma, loss and abuse’.

We saw a video of 6 young people + 2 facilitators, enjoying outdoor activities/programs designed to encourage trust, participation, self-esteem, team work and leadership,

The program was started in 1997 by Paul Krill

Operation Newstart is a partnership between the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, state secondary schools and a range of community partners including Victoria Police, the Department of Human Services, Headspace, YSAS, Local Learning and Employment Networks, TAFE Institutes. Although the Police have since withdrawn from the program.

Those who disengage early from school tend to be significantly more disadvantaged in later life with:

1. Increased likelihood of experiencing unemployment

2. Lowered lifelong income

3. Poorer outcomes in health, accommodation and social status

4. Greater risk of offending behaviour’s

5. Greater susceptibility to the influences of drug and alcohol misuse

6. Homelessness and anti-social behaviour’s.

Program consists of the young people taking 3 days per week from school for a full term. Now is residential to enable more work to be undertaken.  Operation Newstart keep in touch with the participants for 2 years, be they be in school, training or employment. 85% success rate does not reflect a 15% failure rate. Some may lose touch, move away, while some do fail.

168 young people entered the program last year at a cost of $10,000 each!

For a lot more information of the organisation belongs to visit:




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