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Author's Name: Sue Jones
Date: Sat 14 Sep 2019

Meeting 12th September Police Sgt Aaron Ferguson

Meeting Notes 12th September 2019

Acting President Peter Harris welcomed Di Brearley, Peter Abbott and our guest speakers Grant Kealey and Aaron Ferguson, both current Police Officers.

Peter then made an important announcement about President John’s wife Loise.  Loise has been diagnosed with bowel cancer and is being operated on next Tuesday, 17th September at Cabrini Hospital.  We all wish Loise (and John) the very best – Peter suggests that any good wishes be made by text.

Chairperson: Gerry Lambourne, past Police Officer

Chair Reports:

Youth – Gerry Lambourne

 A community BBQ for local kids is being held on 31st October (Halloween) at the Hampton Community Centre, and we have been asked to cook sausages for the event.  Last year we gave out 600 sausages in two hours, between 3 -5 pm, and Gerry will send out an email asking for volunteers in the near future.

Membership and Marketing – Chris Fletcher

Chris and Pres John met with John’s son Simon last Monday to discuss our website, our Facebook page and other social media options, in a targeted approach to attracting new members.  Simon has generously offered his time, pro bono, to help in this area.

Members Announcements

GDF – Phil Mortimer

The GDF committee, with members from the three participating clubs, Kew, Central Melbourne and Brighton North, has chosen a head charity for the 2020 GDF event – Youth Suicide Awareness. 

Youth Suicide Awareness – Phil Wheatley

Phil introduced Grant Kealey, a Police Officer, and this year’s Robbie Mitchel Scholarship recipient, studying part time at the Centre for Adolescent Health at Melbourne Uni. 

Grant spoke to us and explained that he is head of the Box Hill Sex Offenses and Child Abuse Unit. He has 30 detectives in his unit, which investigates 200-300 cases per day, most of whom are high risk kids.  The problem is getting worse and historical offenses are increasing.


Guest Speaker, Police Sgt Aaron Ferguson

Aaron presented a lively and humorous account of his time in the Police Force to date. 

He was in operational policing for many years, where he was often injured on the job, and has now moved to a Wellbeing role.  Aaron is head of the Moorabbin Proactive Policing Unit, which consists of Youth Resources, Crime Prevention and District Firearms Officers.  He is also the Divisional Wellbeing Co-ordinator.

Aaron believes that police officers who have been serving for more than five years, will have some level of PTSD.  Functional PTSD allows officers to capably perform their duties, however non-functional PTSD officers have a diminished capacity to deal with stressful situations, which they encounter often.

Aaron teaches and embraces a simple message – which is a GEM.

Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness allow police officers to be better equipped to perform their difficult roles, and Aaron explained using these traits in his recounting of his policing role during the Christchurch earthquake, which he attended over several days post the earthquake.

VOT – given by Neil Graham.

Trading Table – in lieu of a Sergeants Session, raised $46

Next week’s speaker will be our own Roy Bird, talking about his experience making preservative free Craft Wine, and offering a wine tasting of his produced wines.



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