RYLA 2013

Our two candidates are currently participating in the camp at Mt Evelyn.  There are 52 RYLArians, some coming from as far away as East Timor.  The program has been packed with activities and all reported to have found the experience, challenging as well as empowering.  Alison Abbott and myself attended the Club dinner on Thursday evening, after which the participants gave a presentation to the mainly Rotarian audience.  We were informed that the D9800 camp is one of the only ones, worldwide, which is run by young people for young people.  The RYLA committee have an ongoing plan to engage participants to follow on, as either facilitators or management team.  Two of our past candidates, Jacqui Birchal and Emma Roberts are on the current Management Team.  This way former participants have an opportunity to further their leadership skills and ultimately may become one of the coordinators.  This ensures the program is continually being updated with fresh ideas!

Some 'Words of Wisdom' which all participants wrote on the final day of the camp:-

'Whoever said sunshine brings happiness, has obviously never danced in the rain'

'Happiness is a choice'

'The meaning of life is what you can make of your own'


Below: Tim, Alison, Steph & Lyn at the camp dinner on Thursday evening.


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