District Foundation Grant for Cambodian School

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Thmor Chul school

Thmor Chul primary school was identified by local Khmer project team leader as a school in need of assistance. The school is a remote school approximately 90 minutes away from  Siem Reap, Cambodia.  All figures in $AUS.

Dining room/outdoor class room (completed November 2023)

They have an outdoor dining room area which is not able to be used at the moment because the roof is in a state of disrepair. Their is also a need to install a concrete slab because the existing dirt floor is not appropriate. The room would also be used as an additional classroom. The cost to repair the roof of the dining room, to lay a concrete slab and to build a 1-metre-high brick wall was $8,800.

Toilet block and Bathroom Basin

The toilets are broken. The toilet water basin where the children wash their hands is broken and in need of repair A temporary solution has been “wheeled in” but for the number of students is a stop gap measure. A suite of toilets, with header tank and 3 septic system is required. $15,000.


Classroom Desks and Whiteboards


Design of new toilet block

supported by a Grant 

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