District Foundation Grant for Cambodian School

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Thom Chol school

Remote village schools have a system of education resembling Australia in the 1950s. They are supplied one textbook and a curriculum starting at page one at the beginning of the year and ending at the end of the book (end of the year). This school of 280 students is supported with infrastructure through World of Difference (WOD). 

Inadequate and leaking toilets in the school will be replaced with proper toilet blocks, a ‘dining hall’ with a tin roof (complete with its huge hole and no side walls) will be replaced with a multi-function space that will double up as an open-air classroom, and the veggie garden which supports the meal program requires tender loving care.

A group of 23 Vic Police Legatees will be touring Cambodia in November 2023 and will provide a day of joy amongst participants and the children and ease the load for the hard-working teachers.  During the visit some work will be done by the volunteers and an assessment will be made by the World of Difference team.

Foundation will provide $8,000, Brighton North $2,000 and the remainder from World of Difference.


 School Grounds Drinking Water Toilets for 250 children Hand washing facilities

supported by a Grant 

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