Brighton North Rotary together with Rotary Bendigo and Rochester Rotary have joined together with a Rotary Foundation District Grant (total $12,000) to provide a well being experience to women affected by floods in Rochester area.

With the recent floods affecting the Rochester area this project has been designed to provide a well-being experience in the Queenscliff / Point Lonsdale area and an alternative experience in the Melbourne area.  A decision to focus on the Rochester area was made because Rochester is a similar sized community to the Borough of Queenscliffe which embraces the villages of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale.

The effect of natural disasters on the mental health of communities is immense and projects such as this are play a small part in recovery by providing a short break and by showing that others care.  See 

This project will be led by PP Larrie Winzar who now lives in the Queenscliff area but remains a member of Rotary Bendigo.  Larrie is a qualified career and life coach with over 30 years’ experience ( 

The Queenscliff experience will be made up of a three-night stay by the beach with local women. Local businesses in the area are enthusiastic to make this special time by the beach a reality by offering group activities such as yoga, art classes, self-care workshops and a ferry trip to Sorrento.

Brighton North members will offer a similar city-based experience for women who prefer this option.