Author's Name: Sue Jones
Date: Mon 21 Jun 2021

End Trachoma Project

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    102 school children will benefit from the toiletry kits and accompanying visual instructions regarding hygiene, especially hand, eye and face hygiene, to prevent the infection called Trachoma, which can cause irreparable blindness.

    The long term community benefits in the small town of Yuendumu in NT, is that the whole community, not just the school children will come to understand the importance of hygiene to prevent Trachoma in their mob.

    Driven by the EndTrachoma 2020 Rotary project and supported by the NT Education Department, the components of the toiletry kits eg, toothpaste, soap (currently already in store waiting for instruction to send to NT)  will be re-furbished at several intervals by BNR.  


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